Dhamasa booti ( Fagonia) Powder by Dr Bilquis Shaikh

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Product description

You can use this herb for many health problems even for weight loss. Here is all you need to know about what Dhamasa booti is good for:

1. Improves Liver Health

Hepatitis refers to an inflammation of the liver. The function of the liver gets affected due to inflammation.

But no worries anymore!

One of the amazing benefits of Dhamasa booti includes its effective results for hepatitis treatment. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can reduce the inflammation of the liver. Fagonia prevents many other liver diseases and maintains its health.

You should also reduce the intake of triggers that can interrupt the treatment, such as limiting alcohol intake, avoiding some strong medicine, limiting toxins, etc.

2. Purifies Your Blood 

It is not wrong to call Dhamasa booti a blood purifier. According to NCBI, Fagonia contains thrombolytic properties that break down blood clots. 

Experts believe that the process of purifying blood is effective for your overall health. The scientific study explains that intake of Dhamasa booti decomposes blood clots that also save you from a brain hemorrhage.

People who are living with thalassemia can also get help from Dhamasa booti which protects against blood clotting.

3. Reduces Asthma Symptoms 

Breathing difficulty is one of the symptoms of asthma that can interfere with your quality of life. The use of suchi booti can reduce the associated symptoms of asthma. It improves your breathing difficulties.

4. Improves Skin Health

Looking for an effective remedy for your skin problems?

Well, Dhamasa booti is the right choice that treats many skin conditions. 

Research on Fagonia, NCBI supports evidence of its positive effects on many skin diseases, like smallpox, acne, pimples, allergies, etc. It also purifies your blood and eliminates toxins from your body that resulting in clear skin. 

Hyperpigmentation and cysts are also concerning skin problems that you can treat with the intake of Dhamasa booti.

If you have sensitive skin, consult with the best dermatologists before using this herb.

Fact Alert: Dhamasa booti is also used as a cure against snake bites.

5. Boosts your Mood 

Mental health issues can affect your mood. A scientific study says that this herbal medicine acts as a magical wand. It improves your mental ability and boosts your mood by strengthening your brain.

6. Fight off PCOS

Dhamasa booti works effectively for women’s health issues, like PCOS. Its beneficial properties fight off several common health problems in women. You can also use this herb to treat fertility disorders, leucorrhea, marasmus, fibroids, etc. But you should consult with your doctor to diagnose the severity.

7. Strengthens your Heart and Prevents Stroke

Blood clot forms in your arteries that can block them and result in a heart attack. People with a high risk of genetic heart problems can get benefits from Dhamasa booti. It decomposes blood clots and cleanses your blood. Its use can reduce the potential risk of a heart attack and stroke.

8. Fights against Cancer 

It sounds amazing that herbal medicine is strongly effective against cancerous cell growth. All thanks to anti-cancerous properties.

Flowers and leaves of Dhamasa booti are thought to treat all cancer types. Use of Dhamasa booti is effective against the following cancer types, such as:

And Many More!

9. Improves Digestive Health 

Eating disorders and other health conditions can cause stomach problems. If you feel a burning sensation in the stomach, this herb can ease this type of sensation alongside treating other digestive problems. It also deals with vomiting by strengthening your stomach. Its cooling effect provides relief to many gastrointestinal issues.

How to Use Dhamasa Booti?

There are many ways to use Dhamasa booti, such as:

You can take it as powder, paste, qehwa or capsule. Take green branches of Dhamasa booti for mashing and grinding. Make its paste and get them to shape like tablets. You can consume it along with breakfast and dinner.

You can also try its extract form for effective results.

Grind its woods, leaves, flowers, and thorns. Add water and drink this as your juice after your breakfast and dinner.

Take its leaves for grinding and consume it with your meals for 2 weeks.


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